Robert C Miller Jr

Las Vegas, Nevada

Welcome to my home page: the jumping off point for all kinds of different interests. My interests! I am usually a very private person; but times, they are a changing. With all of the social media outlets available that require one to reveal personal info just to get an account, I figured since my info was out there in cyber land anyway, why not just go ahead and make my own site. By doing this I can blog, post articles that I like, give my opinion on current events, or shamelessly promote my multiple business interests with the intent of helping a customer.

Whether you like the same kind of things I do or not, I'm sure you can find something on my page that will be of interest to you. If not, then thanks for stopping by. If you don’t have a hobby or a cause that makes you want to get up in the mornings with a fresh energy to tackle the world, then I pity you. Life is too full of beauty and amazing people to share it with; and if you are missing that my friend, I would encourage you to find something that you enjoy doing and do it.

My problem is not the lack of something that I can’t wait to get to, but having to decide from the many choices for the day. When it's time for me to play, these are some of the things that I like to be involved in either through study, observation, or hands on. Airplanes or just about anythig to do with aviation in general, space, astronomy, the ocean, beach, church, Bible, rivers, lakes, mountains, mountain streams, creeks, glaciers, the desert, gardening, indoor plants, green technology, green cleaning products, green beans, trivia, a great shopping deal, golf, softball, basketball, football, vibrations, harmonics, music, commodities, foreign exchange, Fibonacci, art, woodworking, glass fusing, glass carving, glass etching, rock hounding, gem and mineral prospecting, wood burning, wood carving, woodturning, motorcycles, fishing, fly fishing, gold prospecting, steam engines, alternative energy generation, earth homes, guitars, reading, surfing the web and learning, eating, traveling, camping, nature, dumpster diving…uh, I mean recycling or repurposing, sustainability, camp fires, sing along songs, people who smile easily and sincerely, good company, and sharing everything in life with my wonderful bride since 1980! I made the incredible run-on sentence to make my wife and daughter cringe. They are both English guru's. HA! I will be adding some more content to this site in the near future. It will be evolving, so keep checking back to see what’s new. Still building the site and this is just the temporary page to get it started. Not quiet sure how the finished page will be structured yet. Nore than likely it will be some type of blogging site that ties into all of my other more specific web sites.



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